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Ingredient branding is about making the invisible, visible. It does exactly what content marketing should be doing: bringing greater transparency and information to consumers.

Ingredient branding is a tactic used for marketing consumer products, but generally isn’t associated with content marketing. With ingredient branding, a brand explains the features of its product that rely on the technology or know-how of another.

We encounter ingredient branding in many products, including our computers. “Intel inside” is a label on many computers that indicates who made the microprocessor. The information reduces uncertainty for buyers about the provenance of the product. Intel offers computer buyers additional information about its components. The computer manufacturer is endorsing Intel, who has an opportunity to explain the capabilities and benefits of its product.

Other prominent examples of ingredient branding are information about the capabilities of Gore-tex treatments on clothing, or Teflon coating on cookware. Ingredient branding makes something that’s not visible to consumers, more evident to them — for example, Dolby sound. Good ingredient brands can spark curiosity about a product that might be otherwise seen as unremarkable, such as when the Pink Panther cartoon character represents Owens Corning building materials.

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