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    customers and culture over everything.



    The Origin Story

    We are the dreamers.
    This all began because I had a crazy idea that I could do what I love, work with my friends and get paid to do it.
    It was all very selfishly focused, I know, but it worked.
    What started out as a couple of freelance, print ad jobs has grown into an organization that has collaborated with other businesses around the world.
    Don’t hate the humble brag.
    How it happened? I learned to always say yes.
    Every time I was asked if we offered a certain type of service, I said yes and then figured out how to do it. I like to think most entrepreneurs are that way.
    Then growth happened.
    We went from being the team that created cool shit, to the business who strategically creates cool shit that brings an ROI to your company.
    We call it the Digital Ecosystem. Ask us about it.
    The beautiful piece is that I am still doing this with my friends, leaving a legacy for my kids and still get to call my hometown home.
    I am grateful for the past experiences, but really we just got started.

    Jason Yoder

    Founder, Creative Director

    Jessica Flax

    Business Development

    Maddie Fankhauser

    Account & Project Management

    Dennis Unsderfer


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